Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Questions


What is Afterpay and how do I use it?

I'm from New Zealand, can I use Afterpay?


Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?

Credit/Debit payments

How do I make a payment with my credit/debit card?

Email Questions

Why am I not receiving a emails from Unique Muscle?

Incorrect email used

Check your Spam/Junk Folder

Product Questions

Where can I get Unique Muscle products?

Why are Unique Muscle products only available online?

Do you have samples?

Where can I find product ingredients?

SLIM IT/Unicorn Water

Does the SLIM IT Fat Metaboliser have any side effects?

What is Unicorn Water?

When should I consume SLIM IT?

Is it ok to replace water with SLIM IT?

Can I buy the Unicorn Water Bottle on its own?

How does SLIM IT work?

How can I buy all SLIM IT flavours and a Unicorn Water Bottle?

SLIM IT serving size

How many servings are in a 50g Pack of SLIM IT?

My SLIM IT flavour is too intense, what can I do?

Is SLIM IT a pre-workout?

How do I prepare SLIM IT?

Slimming Coffee

How/when do I take Slimming Coffee

Product Ingredients

Do your products contain Sucralose?

Do your products contain laxatives?

Taking Unique Muscle with other supplements / medication

Will Unique Muscle products interfere with medication?

Can I take Unique Muscle products with other products/supplements?

Meal Replacement/ Pre-workouts

Can Unique Muscle products be used as meal replacements?

Are Unique Muscle products a pre-workout?

Dietary requirements / allergies

Are your products vegan?

Are your products gluten free?

I want to gain weight / I want to lose weight / I want to be healthy

I want to lose weight / gain weight / be healthy, which Unique Muscle products are best for me?


Teatox serving size

Summer Body Pack

How long will the Summer Body Pack last?

Slimming Hot Chocolate

How/when do I take Slimming Hot Chocolate?