Many companies are offering services, software and tuition without charge during the coronavirus pandemic. While some are free for just for a few weeks, others stretch for months and could continue until the end of the year as people are asked to stay inside their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness offers for you below!


Nike NTC Premium app free for a limited time: Click here for more info.

Runtastic Premium Membership: Free access for 90 days: Click here for more info.

YMCA 360: Free online fitness classes available during the pandemic: Click here for more info.

12-Minute Abs Challenge: Trainer Tim Robards offers six-week program for free with code, “FREEABS” Click here for more info.

Peloton app: Free access to at-home workouts for 90 days Click here for more info.

Les Mills on Demand: Free classes in everything from Body Combat to Barre until the pandemic is over. Click here for more info.

UNIQUE MUSCLE: A full range of FREE at home workout guides for all levels of fitness! Click here for more info.

What about mental fitness?


Yale University’s wildly popular Happiness class is now available online for free!

The course, titled “The Science of Well Being” is taught by psychology professor Laurie Santos, who lectures on things people believe will bring them happiness but don’t, and the things that ultimately will.

As result of its high demand—nearly a quarter of Yale students enroll every year—it transitioned into an online course.

Now, anyone can enroll in the class online and watch the lectures, complete the assignments and submit them for a grade to earn a certificate of completion!

Click here for more info.


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