You have to try this Kmart hack!

Kmart is a favourite for many of us, they literally have everything you need for affordable prices. While most of the homewares are aesthetically pleasing, some can do with a little sprucing up! There's no harm in making something great, even greater!

We are loving this makeover using the Kmart $35 Scandi Shoe Rack by Ashlee White. 

Keep reading to find out how to turn this...


Step 1.
Lightly sand the rack and bench legs 

 Step 2. 
Wipe down sanded area with a cloth to remove dust
Step 3.
Apply wood stain with a rag. 

Step 4.
Apply linen fabric and trim excess Step 5.
Staple trimmed fabric to the bottom of the bench
Step 6. 
Use glue gun to apply pom pom trim to the border of the bench

Voila! You're done!

You can purchase see these cute pompom trims online for super cheap on Amazon or Ebay!

Makeover Source: Youtube: Ashlee White - Kmart Hack Australia 2019 | Scandi Bench Makeover

Image: smartmum_au

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