Unique Muscle was founded in 2014 by Charlie Ercan and Daniel Papanikolaou.

Charlie suffered quite badly from her endometriosis condition and Daniel had a lifelong struggle with his weight and gut health. After deciding to finally take control of their health through a complete change in diet and lifestyle, they became so passionate about everything they were learning regarding health and wellbeing that a new direction in life for them was forged and thus Unique Muscle was born.

They released free eating and workout guides to encourage healthy lifestyle changes without the need to purchase anything and these guides are still available to download today.

They also developed over twenty (20) unique products - all vegan, dairy-free and gluten free.

Charlie and Daniel want to help you consciously take charge of your mind, body and spirit health so you can experience a higher quality of life that everyone deserves. 


Our mission is to mentor our customers on their journey to healing, growth and vibrant health the same way we would want to help a family member as we believe our customers are our family. We aim to continually raise the bar on what can be expected from us in terms of service and experience by doing things in our own unique way.

Our culture is a team of passionate individuals who are creative, open minded and determined to build the best source for achieving mind, body and spirit wellness. We believe a happy team is a productive team so we are passionate about maintaining a happy environment where our team can collectively strive for greatness and care for everyone around them.

A little more about the Unique Muscle team:

We are happy
We are positive
We care
We don’t bring ego to the workplace
We do the right thing
We are innovative
We are always evolving
We love to learn and teach
We like to work smarter rather than harder
We are passionate and determined to succeed
We are successful and celebrate our success
We see failure as a tool for learning
We embrace challenges and change
We are adventurous
We are transparent
We are resilient
We pursue growth and learning
We always believe in open and honest communication
We believe we can do more with less