Protein Mocha Nice-cream

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This Mocha Nice-cream recipe rich in proteins is very easy to make and also tastes delicious! It is perfect to power you up and keep you full. Get ready to enjoy this healthy yet satisfying alternative, suitable for a weekend breakfast after a busy week… or anytime ☺️


650g frozen bananas
1 Slimming Espresso shot or 1 teaspoon Slimming Coffee in 30mls boiling water
1 scoop Lean Up Protein Powder - Chocolate Cake
1 tbsp carob powder
Topping: This nice-cream is topped with blueberries, banana, chia, puffed buckwheat, mulberries and rose petals. However, we encourage you to get creative and top with any of your healthy favourites!

Blend the frozen bananas, Slimming Espresso or Slimming Coffee liquid, Lean Up - Chocolate Cake and carob powder in a blender until it achieves a smooth consistency.
Transfer to a bowl and top with blueberries, banana, chia, puffed buckwheat, mulberries and rose petals (or whatever toppings you like most). And that’s it, now it is served and ready to enjoy!


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