What is Afterpay and how do I use it?

To learn more about purchasing Unique Muscle products with Afterpay click here

Why am I not receiving a confirmation email when I purchased?

Due to updates with Hotmail and Gmail, plus some other email providers, our confirmation emails after purchase seem to be heading to your Junk email or Spam email folders. Be sure to check those folders to see if they are there :)

Where are Unique Muscle Products sold?

Unique Muscle is exclusively sold online through our website www.uniquemuscle.com.au This ensures that you are getting the best price for our products as we pass on our savings to you

Where are the Slimming Coffee's + Cacao?

We are no longer stocking these products as we have replaced them with our all new SLIM + TONE TeaTox!.

I didn't receive a confirmation/e-book email?

Some email accounts such as Hotmail, Live and Outlook sometimes send our emails to the junk or spam folder. Please check these folders for our purchase confirmation emails or e-book download link email if you have bought the Summer Body Pack.

What is the Unique Muscle Reward Points Program?

We are very excited to announce that we now have a Unique Muscle Rewards Program! For every dollar you spend, you get 1 point and for every 10 points in your account, you receive $1 in store credit! ALL PREVIOUS ORDERS ALSO HAVE POINTS ADDED! So be sure to log in and check how many points you have!.

Where can I find customer reviews?

We have only just enabled reviews on our website! Just go to the product you are interested in, and right under the product heading click the customer review button. Only customers who have bought the product can review them. You can also find customer reviews on our Instagram and Facebook: www.instagram.com/uniquemuscleofficial www.facebook.com/uniquemuscle You can also search up the hashtags: #uniquemuscle and #healthylooksbetter on Instagram to see customer posts.

Does the SLIM IT Fat Metaboliser have any side effects?

SLIM IT Fat Metaboliser Watermelon does not have any side effects that other pre-workout/weight loss supplements product have. No jittery/dizziness or increased heart rate. There are no laxative ingredients in SLIM IT Fat Metaboliser. SLIM IT is a safe product that will assist in your body to use stored fat as energy! It also has other amazing attributes, check out the SLIM IT Fat Metaboliser page for more information.

Do I receive a physical copy of the E-BOOK when purchasing the Summer Body Pack / E-BOOK on its own?

E-BOOK means 'electronic book' that is downloadable to read from your computer and can print it out if you wish. There is no physical copy available. This is to keep the environment happy and to ensure you get your E-BOOK right away!

I have purchased the Summer Body Pack / E-BOOK on its own, and I didn't receive the E-BOOK in the mail with my order?

Once you have purchased the Summer Body Pack or just the E-BOOK on its own, you will receive an email with a download link once your order had been sent from our warehouse / or marked as completed. You can only download it once so make sure you save it!

How many times can i download the E-BOOK from the website once I have purchased it?

You can only download it once from the download link that is sent to you via email, so make sure you save it!

I'm not exercising, can I still take Unique Muscle Protein Shakes?

Yes you can! All Unique Muscle Products can be part of your every day diet, even if you are not exercising! People often struggle to get enough protein in their diet and instead eat more carbohydrates and fats. How does it help shape your body while not working out? By consuming Unique Muscle Protein Shakes you will not only help your body to tone and lean up but it will help stop you craving high carb and fatty foods. Looking good is 70% reliant on a good diet and only 30% working out. Keep in mind that you should be consuming around 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fats everyday to get your optimal physique. If you need assistance with your diet, don't forget to download our free 12 week eating guide!

Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?

No you don't. On the last step of the checkout, once you click the "PROCEED TO PAYPAL" button, you will be redirected to the PayPal page for payment, please select the tab that says "Pay with a debit or credit card". We use PayPal as one of our payment gateways as its safe to use for payment

When/why do I need to have protein?

There are a few ways you can consume our protein shakes. If you are not a breakfast person, you can have it for breakfast. It is important to never skip meals as that is when your body stores food as fat. So any time you might skip a meal, have a protein shake ready to drink. It is also great to have after exercise to tone and repair your body. Or if you are feeling hungry before bed you can have it then as you will be feeding nutrients to your body while you sleep. Your body doesn't eat for hours while you sleep so by having Unique Muscle before bed you are ensuring that your metabolism is switched on while you are sleeping.

Unique Muscle for beauty?

While protein powder is promoted towards a gym and fitness community to assist with getting in shape, we believe in growing beauty from the inside out. Did you know that our hair, skin and nails are made from protein? And while we use expensive shampoos and conditioners, nail treatments and skin creams, by consuming a high quality protein supplement such as Unique Muscle, you can grow better hair, skin and nails naturally.

Unique Muscle is NON-GMO, what does this mean?

Non-GMO means non genetically modified. Unlike other products in the marketplace, our products are not genetically modified.

I'm a girl, will protein make me bulky?

There is a long explanation as to why Unique Muscle protein powder wont make you ‘bulky’, but to get straight to the point, no it wont. Protein is not foreign to human beings and is available in most everyday foods. The idea behind protein powder is that you are getting it in a convenient shake that is easy and quick to consume, not to mention delicious! If you wanted to consume protein the old school way, you would have to eat a big meal every single time you wanted protein (which will get you bulky as most meals with protein also have carbs and fats associated with it). With Unique Muscle, you get a high protein hit, with minimal carbs and fats, aiding you to get the lean body you deserve!.

Can I consume your products while I am breastfeeding / pregnant?

While our products contain natural and organic ingredients, when it comes to being pregnant or breastfeeding, every mother is different so we always recommend you check with your doctor. Please take the list of ingredients from our site to your doctor to verify that its safe for you to consume :)

Why are Unique Muscle products naturally sweetened?

Conventional products in the market place are sweetened with sucrolose or aspartame which are artificial sweeteners and are controversial in regards to being related to several severe health conditions. We choose to flavour our products with natural sweeteners which are better for your health.

Does Unique Muscle products use gluten ingredients into their products?

We do not add any gluten ingredients to our products.