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This pack includes 1 x 50g pack (approx. 50 serves) of SLIM IT in your choice of flavour and 1 x 400ml BPA-FREE Plastic Green Unicorn Shaker bottle.

Gluten Free
Naturally Coloured
Naturally Flavoured
Naturally Sweetened
No Preservatives
Vegan Friendly

This pack includes 1 x 50g pack (approx. 50 serves) of SLIM IT in your choice of flavour and 1 x 400ml BPA-FREE Plastic Green Unicorn Shaker bottle.


No more having to lug around a big bulky shaker, this compact 400ml size shaker allows you to easily drink your protein shakes on the go in style and with ease.

The deep green see through design allows you to see the liquid level with being able to hide long term stain use and the strong moulded design will help against the rough ride along in your gym bag. It also has an integrated groove design on both sides of the shaker for easy grip while you shake.

It can fit into most if not all cup holders and includes a stainless steel blender ball that moves freely throughout the bottle as you shake it. It will mix the thickest of drinks with ease.


Sometimes you stumble upon a product that claims to help you shift excess body weight safely, drink more water and give you more energy and you think “um, yeah right”

We knew when we first created SLIM IT that it would take a brave few to trust us enough to try it and report back to the others that we’re in fact legit. We’ve since received over 9000 real + verified reviews! – and that’s just the people who were so happy that they had to write a review!

We’ve helped thousands of women get amazing results with SLIM IT so whether you’re a believer from the get-go or part of the sceptic’s crew, we’re confident that SLIM IT won’t let you down.

So, what’s it taste like?

ALC (the main ingredient in SLIM IT) usually tastes like vinegar! However, our super talented team have formulated the BEST tasting ALC based product on the market! Seriously! You won’t taste even the tiniest bit of vinegar in our SLIM IT. It’s naturally flavoured, sweetened and coloured with ingredients like beetroot and cranberry so you can get all the benefits of ALC and actually look FORWARD to drinking it every day!

Available in six yummy flavours; Watermelon, Green Apple, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Bubblegum and Peach Iced Tea.

What SLIM IT may do for you (yes, we must say “may” because we would be highly sceptical of anyone who will guarantee you results without knowing your exact personal circumstances in extreme detail!):

  • Burn fat in the most stubborn areas of your body by metabolising fat (if you don’t want it, let’s get rid of it!) 💪
  • Use stored fat as energy (without stimulants! So you won’t get that gross jittery feeling either!) 🏋️‍♀️
  • Fight brain fog (goodbye 3pm crash!) 🧠
  • Get hydrated (because seriously who doesn’t need to drink more water?!) 💦
  • Assist with guarding your cells from the effects of ageing (nothing wrong with feeling like a spring chicken!)🐥
  • Improve memory, learning capacity and improve visual function (the better your memory, the more arguments you can win)💁‍♀️

…seriously, what CAN’T SLIM IT do?! 

So what’s in it that makes SLIM IT work so well?

The star ingredient inside SLIM IT is called acetyl-l-carnitine, or ALC for short. ALC is an amino acid naturally produced in your body to generate energy. ALC plays an important role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be burned to produce energy - so basically you need ALC in order to metabolise fat in your body!

ALC has two main benefits:

  • Enhances your brain power: many people use ALC as a nootropic supplement as the fact that it is ‘acetyl’ helps it pass the blood brain barrier and reach the brain and nerves where it improves your mood, learning and memory.
  • Helps to burn fat by transporting fatty acids in your body to your muscle mitochondria which in turn increases your energy production and pushes your metabolism toward fat burning during a workout. It can also speed up your recovery process after your workout.

Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods. Not used as a sole source of nutrition. Consumed as part of a nutritious diet and exercise program. Not suitable for child