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12 Week Meal Plan


Do you need assistance with taking steps towards achieving your weight loss/health goals?

The Unique Muscle New & Improved 12 WEEK LEAN UP EATING GUIDE is a FREE guide to help you achieve your goals the healthy way and in time for summer and beyond!

This healthy eating guide is straight forward, easy to understand and has been designed to assist you achieve your weight loss/health goals effectively. Please follow this plan closely to achieve maximum desired results. You do not have to purchase any products to use this plan, however we have listed what products you can use to maximise your results.

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The 12 week eating guide is a great, easy to read guide with some super easy options to follow. As a Clinical Nutritionist I get a lot of my clients confused about what to eat especially when they want to go Vegan. This has some great options and ideas to follow. Nutritious and full of real whole foods is always the best option for health in my opinion, I feel that along the way with life and advertisements we are getting so confused on what to eat. I feel we just need to go back to the start and look at whole food again just like in the 12 week eating guide.

- Andrea Eastley is a Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Naturopath and Western Herbal practitioner