High-Protein Apple Crumble Smoothie

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Do you ever feel when you're making smoothies they all kind of end up tasting the same? This high-protein apple crumble smoothie has all the flavours of the delicious dessert in a healthy smoothie that's perfect for breakfast or an even healthier dessert! 

Yes we are calling it a 'healthy smoothie' even though it has the words 'apple crumble' in the title. This smoothie contains fruits, protein and spices. Now tell us that doesn't sound like a healthy smoothie!

By adding the spices and our Lean Up Protein Powder - Cinnamon Roll it transforms a plain old fruit smoothie to a delicious apple crumble smoothie that tastes like one of our favourite desserts. Also, by adding Lean Up, you are including protein, superfoods and greens into your diet to make this an all-in-one nutritional shake. So even though this smoothie tastes oh so naughty it's actually 
helping you achieve a body that is truly healthy and well-nourished from the inside out! Unlike other brands, LEAN UP also won’t cause you bloating or nausea afterwards. So why not have your cake, we mean smoothie, and eat it too?! 


1 Apple, core removed
1/2 frozen banana
1 cup low fat milk or almond milk
1 scoop Lean Up Protein Powder - Cinnamon Roll
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoom ground nutmeg
2 pitted dates
3 ice cubes


Throw everything into the blender, and mix until smooth. Top with a little granola and chopped Apple! DELICIOUS!

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